My motivation

"We want to make publishing scientific books as easy and efficient as possible. In this way, new insights can benefit as many people as possible."
Dr Ulrich Buser
Publisher Editions Verlag Science

My own story

After 14 years as Managing Director in the media industry, including more than 5 years at the Bertelsmann Printing Group, I completed my doctorate at Humboldt University Berlin at the age of 49. As part of my dissertation, I dealt with questions of digitization and digital transformation.

The search for a publisher

After submission of the thesis and oral examination, only the publication was missing to complete the doctoral project. However, the search for a publisher turned out to be more difficult than expected:

To this day, it is necessary at many universities to publish the doctoral thesis in a publishing house as a printed book. Some universities now also offer the possibility to publish purely digitally. However, many publishers are then no longer willing to print a book whose content is already available online (free of charge) worldwide.

To solve this problem, I founded Editionen Verlag Science. It enables scientists to publish their work digitally at their own discretion. The printed books are nevertheless directly available in bookstores and via Editionen Verlag Science. You can read how to do this here.

The most important thing, however, is that Editionen Verlag Science is able to produce cheaper print offers than the established scientific publishers thanks to state-of-the-art digital processes.

That is why my doctoral thesis is also the first publication of Editionen Verlag Science.

Click here for my doctoral thesis.

I would also like to publish a scientific paper.

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