Thank you for your interest in Editionen Verlag Science and for publishing your work with us.

The next steps

For an offer we need the print template of your work and the key data for the haptic book design. On this page, we will explain step by step how to format your work correctly and create a print template from it.

The print template

The print template is the basis for the preparation of the offer. However, the resulting file is then also used for the production of your work and sent to the print shop when the order is placed. Therefore, it is important that you do the formatting carefully.

The Print Template Creator

In order to make this process as easy as possible for you, we have developed a print template creator that guides you step by step through the necessary information. At the end, you'll see what your book will look like, what cover it has, and what fonts will be used. You can take as long as you like and make unlimited changes before submitting them to us.

To get started, please create a user account here.

You will be asked to register with your email address. After successful registration, log in here on our print template creator.

Getting Started

Once you have logged in, first choose whether you want a hard or softcover. Afterwards, please provide some information about yourself and your work. Please fill in the pages carefully, as this data will also be used for later publication. A change after an offer has been created is possible, but it is time-consuming and costly.

You are also asked to provide information on the equipment, size and colour for your printed book. Many dissertations appear as soft covers and a good size is 155 x 235 mm. If you have created colored illustrations, you should also make your book available printed with colored pages. Cheaper, however, is a pure black and white print.

In a further step, you will be asked to upload your work. Don't worry: Of course, you retain all rights to your work and we will not copy or store your work if we do not work together. We check the printability of your document here and calculate the size and number of color pages on the basis of this file.

Microsoft Word

If you have created your work with Microsoft Word and upload a Word file, please pay attention to the settings in Word. For example, the color settings for all fonts used should really be "black" – especially for automated texts, such as table directories. Otherwise, these pages are colored for the print template creator, the print shop and the calculation. Therefore, we recommend that you use our templates for your texts. These can be found in the Print Template Creator.

Also pay attention to the page size selected in the file and the dimensions of your book format. If these do not match, we will automatically adjust the page size of your uploaded file to the book dimensions you have chosen. This can lead to changes in the layout of your work. Also pay attention to bleed and edges. Images should have a resolution of at least 250 dpi.

Therefore, always check the pdf created by us carefully page by page.

Requirements in the manuscript

Usually, a book begins with the title of the work, followed by the name of the author and with the publisher's logo in the bottom right corner. To do this, use the following logo, which you can download by hovering over the logo, then right-clicking on it and selecting the "Save Image As" function.

The second page is the imprint, which contains general information about the book or dissertation, such as admission, year of publication, publisher, location, etc. Information on the directory in the German National Library can also be found here.

You must create these two pages and insert them into your manuscript accordingly.

Enclosed is a text suggestion that you should adopt on the second page:

The German National Library lists this publication in the German National Bibliography; detailed bibliographic data are available on the Internet via http://dnb.dnb.de.

Zugl.:  xxx, xxx University, Diss., Year

 1. Edition Year
© Editionen Verlag Science, Augsburg Jahr

All rights, including those of reproduction of excerpts, photomechanical reproduction and translation, reserved.

Please then leave a page free and start with the text on page 3.

A so-called "dirt title", as used to be common in book printing, is no longer necessary for us, as we work with state-of-the-art, digital printing techniques. Of course, you can insert this if you want to do so for optical reasons. These two additional pages appear in front of the imprint – the remaining pages described move accordingly.

The print template creator then creates a printable pdf from your uploaded file.

Book Info

Now, in the next step, give information about your work – these texts will be used for the cover and for your individual website, where we present your book in our shop.

The envelope

Finally, design your envelope. This is very easy with our cover creator and there are many beautiful templates from which you can design your own individual book. Again, the print template creator will explain to you step by step what you need to do.

Completion of the quotation process

You don't have to do all the steps right away. You can also log in several times and work on the information. If you are satisfied with your result, please send us an email so that we know that the data you have created, which is now on the print template creator, is the one we are allowed to use for the preparation of the offer.

Please always email anfrage@editionen-verlag.de and please also state your name, contact details and the title of the work.

The data is then and only then retrieved by us from the server and stored on our print server – you can then still make changes in the print template creator, but these are then not on our print server and are not taken into account when printing!

If you would like to make any changes afterwards, please always contact us – we will then find a solution together.

The offer

We will only make you a concrete offer for the publication of your dissertation after your email . Within a few working days you will receive your offer including a contract proposal.

How is the offer price calculated?

The offer price is influenced in particular by page size, equipment such as soft or hardcover, paper and, above all, the number of colour pages. Pay particular attention to the settings if you use Word documents – the exact explanations and descriptions can be found on the corresponding pages in the print template creator.

The Treaty

If you agree with the offer, please send the signed contract scanned back to us by e-mail. After the confirmation of receipt of the contract by us, please transfer the deposit amount from the offer to our account. Only after receipt of payment will we print your first copy of your dissertation and send it to you by DHL.

After approval of this copy by you by e-mail and receipt of payment of the remaining amount, you will receive the remaining copies by DHL.

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